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@ -0,0 +1,71 @@
"extensionName": {
"message": "Resurrect Pages IsUp Edition",
"description": "Name of the extension."
"extensionDescription": {
"message": "Ressuscite les pages mortes en récupérant leurs fantôme.",
"description": "Description of the add-on."
"resurrect_page": {
"message": "Ressusciter cette page",
"description": "Resurrect this page"
"resurrect_link": {
"message": "Ressusciter ce lien",
"description": "Resurrect this link"
"resurrectGoogle": {
"message": "avec Google",
"description": "with Google"
"resurrectGoogleText": {
"message": "avec Google (texte seul)",
"description": "with Google (text only)"
"resurrectArchive": {
"message": "avec l'Archive Internet",
"description": "with The Internet Archive"
"resurrectArchiveIs": {
"message": "avec",
"description": "with"
"resurrectWebcitation": {
"message": "avec WebCite",
"description": "with WebCite"
"resurrectIsUp": {
"message": "Vérifier si le site est mort",
"description": "with"
"resurrectConfigCurrentTab": {
"message": "dans l'onglet courant",
"description": "in the current tab"
"resurrectConfigNewTab": {
"message": "dans un nouvel onglet",
"description": "in a new tab (foreground)"
"resurrectConfigBgTab": {
"message": "dans un nouvel onglet (en arrière-plan)",
"description": "in a new tab (background)"
"resurrectConfigNewWindow": {
"message": "dans une nouvelle fenêtre",
"description": "in a new window"